Corrosive Projection Farming Guide

Corrosive Projection is an essential mod in the game. This mod decreases the armor of enemies in a mission.

Corrosive Projection Farming Guide

Corrosive Projection can be stacked by all 4 players to get 100% armor reduction. This is really useful in running high-level missions and endless void-relic runs.

Once stacked 4x, all the yellow bars will turn red. As mentioned earlier you need 3 teammates including you to have this mod to have 100% armor removal, this can be achieved by 3 if anyone runs Coaction Drift.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all enemy weaknesses won’t work and offer bonus damage. Ex: Corrosive damage on Grineer bombards and Gunners.

Corrosive Projection Farming – How To Get?

New players might have trouble finding this mod for their builds. Don’t worry it’s really easy to get this mod.

1. Nightwave Offerings

You can obtain this mod easily by earning the nightwave currency and exchanging it for this mod. Earning nightwave currency is not hard, you just have to complete a few weekly and daily challenges and you’ll be good to go.

2. Trading

The mod is not that costly, at the time of updating this page the mod only costs 15 platinum. Which should be easy if you’ve read the platinum farming guide.

Mod Stats



  • Should I buy this mod – You certainly can, if you don’t want to farm it.
  • Is it important? – For certain builds its really important. In higher level missions you might need 4x of these. It’s essential in Tridolon hunting missions.

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