How To Earn Platinum in Warframe

Warframe Platinum – Platinum is the premium in-game currency that can be used to purchase items from the market or for trading purposes. I have played this game for over 4000 hours, the trading system was not even introduced when I joined the game. The game was booming and new players were joining every single day, feels good how much the game has grown. The point is I have learned a lot in these 4000 hours that I have put into the game, I myself have more than 20k platinum sitting in my account, all through trading. I don’t buy platinum at all.

How To Earn Platinum in Warframe

The reason for the game being this famous is the introduction of Platinum Trading, no game nowadays allow the trading of its main currency. The platinum trading keeps the flow in the market and makes more money for Digital Extremes. Enough of talking about my experience and stuff, let’s find out how you can fill your account with Platinum.

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I have only written tips that can help you make a good amount of platinum.


Riven Trading

This is the number one method of making platinum in Warframe. The completion of The War Within quest awards you with a veiled riven mod that you can unveiled or sell directly (veiled riven mods sell for 50P/100p easily depending on the type). Also buying unrolled mods has done wonders for me, just buy unrolled riven mods and then farm kuva and try your luck, if you find a god roll, you are set.

I recently sold an Ignis Riven mod that has a Crit Chance and Crit Damage stat, people tend to love these type of mods.

Resell Parts/Mods

Every few months unvaulting is done or a new event is announced, these events/unvaultings offer a mod/part for a limited period of time. What you can do is, farm them a lot and keep them for a while until the prices increase. Take my example for this: I recently bought a few Rhino Prime sets for 250P each and now they are selling for 500P easily.

Baro Ki’teer Mods

Every two weeks, Baro Ki’teer arrives and brings a plethora of dual-stat mods, weapons and Primed Mods that you can buy for a limited period of time in exchange of ducats. Most of the items that Baro brings are tradeable you can buy them and sell them immediately using the trade chat or you can hold them until the prices increase.

Sell Prime Access Parts

Prime Access Parts are always in demand and people in trade chat are always looking for them. If you are one hell of a grinder, then this should not be difficult for you, just farm the parts, make a set and sell them. You can use to sell your sets easily.

Vaulted Prime Parts or Sets

Vaulted Prime parts are very easy to sell since they are not obtainable through farming in the game. So the only way to obtain these parts/sets is by trading.


The Arcanes used to be a goldmine, especially the Arcane Energize one. But DE decided to remove all the raids for good until they are fixed completely. You can now farm arcanes in Plains of Eidolon, by hunting the eidolon.

Ayatan Statues

Every week you can head to Maroo’s Bazaar and hunt for one Ayatan Statue. These statues sell very easily.

Maxed Primed Mods/Mods

Maxing Mods requires a lot of effort, credits, and Endo. People generally offer around 250-500 platinum for maxed mods depending on the rarity.

Selling Prime Junk

Note: Only for starters

This is only recommended if you are starting in the game, trading of prime junk offers very less platinum. If you are lacking a slot or something, just write on trade chat H Prime Junk 5 Parts for 10p. You can trade all the common items for 2 platinum each.

Invasion/Event Parts

Invasions arrive in Warframe time by time and these do offer parts, depending on how much you can grind, there is enough platinum to be made. Keep an eye out on invasions, full sets are sold for 150-200p.

If you are using Warframe.Market, I recommend that you set your price a little lower than the competing listing. Even if there’s a price difference of one platinum, the buyer will contact you first, that’s human psychology right there.

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