Nekros Prime Desecrate Build

Nekros Prime Desecrate Build

Nekros Prime is the primed variant of Nekros with upgraded stats. The frame is a must-have if you are looking to farm something in the game. We have a couple of builds here that you can use in the game. There are mainly two builds for Nekros.

Both of the builds have been covered in this article in detail. You can check them below. You can also find mod details by clicking on them. Submit your builds using submit page.

Nekros Prime Best Builds

  • Desecration Build – Used for farming resources in the game. This increases your loot to double when the enemies are hit using slash weapons
  • Nekros Tank – Very niche and not used by many, this build is created around Nekros’s Shadows of the dead ability.

Let’s find out Nekros’s Best Updated Builds

Nekros Prime Desecration Build

All mods are maxed out.

Aura Slot

Exilus Mod

Nekros Prime Shadows of the Dead Build (Despoil)

This is a very niche build and not used by many you can use this time to time. It’s really good for survival missions. Used to run it back when I was a Nekros main.

Aura Slot

Exilus Mod

More Builds?

We will be adding more builds soon. If you have any suggestions drop them using the comment section below.

If you have any ideas and changes that we can make for the current builds, we will like to hear about them as well.

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