Power Drift

Power Drift is a rare exilus dual-stat mod that offers increased +15% Ability Strength and +30% Chance to resist knockdown effects. The mod can be obtained from Orokin Moon Test and trading.

Pairing this mod with Intensify, Transient Fortitude, Augur Secrets, & Blind Rage can give +223% ability strength. This can be further boosted by using Energy conversion mod that boosts ability damage on orb pickups.

You can get 100% immunity to knockdowns by using Sure Footed and Fortitude with this mod.

Power Drift

How To Farm & Get Power Drift

Farming Power Drift is quite easy. While running missions in the Orokin Moon, you will have to run around and find the Power Test room. The spawns are random and there can be other challenge rooms as well. This is a timed challenge and there are multiple videos on youtube explaining how to complete this.

If you are having trouble farming this and are having terrible RNG. Then you can actually buy this for really cheap, It costs around 5-10 platinum on the Warframe.Market.

Note: This cannot be done by any tenno that have not completed the second dream quest. You need to have the moon unlocked.

Mod Stats



  • Does this boost Iron Skin on Rhino? – Yes it does.
  • Does Exilus Mod Slot cost platinum? – Yes.


This is the only exilus mod with double dash polarity.

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